Herbivores Caprese Growing DIY Kit Tomatoes & Basil Seedling Package

KSh900 KSh1,300

Herbivores Caprese Growing DIY Kit comes ready with 2 Tomato seedlings & 6 Italian Basil Seedlings @ only KSH 900
Companion Planting is a term used to describe plants that grow well together, complement each other and help each other thrive by keeping unwanted pests away and attracting beneficial pests.
Tomato and Basil is an old classic companion planting pair, of which not only are unwanted pests are repelled but both the flavour of tomatoes and basil is enhanced when grown together. This package of 8 plants will fit into a 1 m2 sunny area, and can be planted as the planting guide in the photo.
Herbivores Caprese is a classic mix of plants that grow well together and in addition make’s a perfect Caprese sandwich when harvested.


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