Lemon Verbena was made popular as a perfume centuries ago when introduced by Spanish conquistadors who had found the aromatic herb in South America. Since that time Lemon Verbena has been used in everything from recipes to soaps.

Lemon Verbena is a is a deciduous shrub that holds its citric fragrance long after being dried, apart from being brewed into a lovely citrus tea, it makes a great addition to potpourris and herb pillows, and can be used in closets and drawers to freshen laundry. Add chopped leaves to marinades, dressings, fruit salads and summer drinks.

Lemon Verbena grows up to 1-2 meters and has small white flowers which grow in clusters at the branch ends. Lemon verbena flourishes in full to partial sunshine and will grow well in the ground or in a pot with good compost and well-draining soil. Lemon Verbena is a useful culinary herb, used in teas, salads, dressings and desserts. The clean lemon taste of fresh or dried leaves make a refreshing herb tea on its own or combined with mint and or ginger which is also used to treat fevers and minor digestive disorders.

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