Dracaena Fragrans – Corn Plant

Dracaena fragrans Massangeana is also called the corn plant or the Happy Plant because of it's easy care nature and the zesty freshness of the yellow and green strappy leaves that brighten up home or office interiors, whilst filtering toxins from the atmosphere so you breathe easier.
They are characterised by strap-like leaves and thick woody stems, forming a fountain-like cluster.

Corn plant benefits

  • Air purifier: Dracaena is one of the indoor plants that help reduce indoor pollution levels.
  • Increase humidity: The plant releases water vapour and increases moisture levels in air, thus, reducing dry-air conditions.
  • Ornamental purpose: These indoor plants help beautify home interiors. You can keep them inside the house, in the patio or garden.
  • Low maintenance: The dracaena plant varieties are easy to grow with moderate watering and sunlight conditions.

Plant Care

  • Pruning may be done to restrict the dracaena plants for a desired shape and height. However, it must be done during the active growth season. Dead or yellowish leaves must be removed regularly.
  • Dracaena plant requires bright but indirect sunlight. They can withstand direct sunlight for a short time.
  • Water the plant 2 to 3 times a week when the soil is dry.

Your plant will be potted in a terracotta pot and the height will be 25cms including the pot.

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