Achook (1 LITRE) is a botanical nematicide/ insecticide extracted from the Neem tree (Mwarobaini) containing azadirachtin and other neem limonoids for the control of parasitic nematodes and insect pests.

Achook is a very effective ORGANIC spray which can be used as a foliar spray to effectively control foliar insects like White Fly’s, Borers, Leaf Miners, Aphids, Thrips, Mites and many more, and can be used as a drench for control against Root Knot nematodes and other parasitic nematodes.
Achook is biodegradeable, environment friendly and ecologically safe.  It has very low toxicity and is not known to harm beneficial insects.

Achook has a low pre harvest interval of 8 hours and is ideal for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) particularly for resistance management of parasitic nematodes and insect pests in alternation with other pesticides.

Achook is recommended for control of Root Knot Nematodes and other parasitic nematodes on a range of crops.  It is believed to act by inhibiting eggs from hatching, larvae from emerging and reducing the penetration ability of larvae.

Key Features
(1) Neem tree (mwarubaini) extract
(2)Effective against nematodes, chewing and sucking pests
(3) Does not kill beneficials
(4) Very low pre-harvest interval of 8 hours
(5) Ideal for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs


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