Join Us in Planting 7 Million Mangroves in 7 Years

The Future of Kenya is GREEN! And, together we will make it happen.
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About the Programme:

The Herbivore 7,000,000 Mangrove Planting Programme is a pioneering initiative dedicated to the protection and restoration of mangrove ecosystems in Kenya. By planting 7 million mangrove trees, we are not only preserving coastal regions but also amplifying the invaluable services these habitats provide, such as safeguarding coastlines and ensuring food security.

Herbivore is driving it forward by reinvesting a portion of its profits, showcasing a genuine commitment to environmental restoration. Join us in this transformative endeavor to nurture our planet and secure a sustainable future.

When our environment thrives, our economy thrives.

When our plants prosper, our people prosper,

When we all take bold, collective steps for our climate, we will revolutionize the future of Kenya.

And, Mangroves are the magical way to do it.

  • Mangroves in Kenya act as natural coastal guardians, protecting against erosion and extreme weather.
  • They filter pollutants from rivers, improving water quality in estuaries and oceans.
  • These enchanting forests are vital carbon sinks, capturing and storing greenhouse gases.
  • In Kenya, mangroves will provide flood protection, reduce coral bleaching, and adapt to high-salinity environments.
  • They support nutrient recycling and offer sustainable resources for local communities.

What we have been doing?

We've just completed a successful 7-month test phase with our partner, Mombasa Cement Ltd., transforming a 55-acre limestone mine into a thriving ecosystem. With 10,000 terrestrial trees and 35,000 mangrove trees planted, we're now their official Mines Reforestation partner. We're gearing up to rehabilitate nearly 5,000 acres of ex-mines, where we'll plant an estimated 1,000,000 mangrove trees. Together, we'll capture a remarkable 1,025 tonnes of carbon each month, making a monumental impact.


7 Million Mangroves in 7 Years

Programme Launching in April, 2024


“At Herbivore, we are on a mission to revitalize our land through reforestation for a sustainable and greener future.”

We are a permaculture-driven reforestation company, committed to planting trees where nature needs us most. Our focus is on restoring limestone quarries and African mangrove and terrestrial forests. We oversee the entire process, from project design to planting, and together with our partners, we're rejuvenating landscapes and nurturing nature across Africa.

Our journey began as a humble plant nursery, evolved into a successful Permaculture-based landscaping and maintenance company, and now extends its reach globally, dedicated to reforesting the Earth. Our core focus areas are:

  • Agro-Forestry
  • Degraded Land Rehabilitation
  • Reforestation of Existing Degraded Forest Lands

We believe that creating forests is not just about planting trees, but also about choosing the right trees for each region, fostering biodiverse landscapes that benefit both wildlife and the planet. Together, we can restore forests, support biodiversity, sequester carbon, and make a positive global impact.

Forests are a powerful solution to climate change, poverty alleviation, biodiversity conservation, and desertification reversal. We go beyond tree planting, focusing on long-term landscape restoration and protection. Our principles are rooted in the United Nations University's guidelines, emphasizing healthy ecosystems, combating land degradation, diverse restoration approaches, carbon capture, and engaging local stakeholders.


7 Million Mangroves in 7 Years

We know we aim BIG!

We know that through informed reforestation efforts, Kenya can enhance its ecological resilience, combat climate change, and secure a sustainable future for its people and wildlife.

We will keep thinking BOLD!

In the world of Herbivore, there's no room for dilly-dallying when it comes to climate change. We're talking about action now.

We Need YOU!

You and your organisation are a big part of the solution.

At Herbivore, we wholeheartedly believe that the corporate world cares for Kenya! We wake up every day with a burning desire to improve the lives of Kenyans. And we're here to make it possible for you. Join hands with us as we collaborate with local organisations at every project site, working tirelessly to manage restoration and protection efforts, delivering a multitude of invaluable benefits to both the people and the environment.