Herbivore Regenerative Landscapes is completely different from your conventional landscape company. Our designers are all Permaculture Design Consultants and we all believe that all of us have a responsibility to take care of Mother Earth, and we will assist you in doing that by changing the way we garden, while creating your regenerative ecological garden. Long gone are the days of conventional gardening which use up loads of renewable resources just to maintain them.

The first step in any ecological garden project is to assess your needs and figure out what you’re hoping to achieve with your new project. Are you looking to create a relaxing space where you can enjoy Mother Nature’s finest, while the smell of flowers wafts under your nose? Is your intention to grow your own dinner? Is your garden going to serve a functional purpose, an aesthetic one, or both? All this can be possible, while still being regenerative and friendly to our environment. Herbivore Regenerative Landscapes creates Permaculture influenced designs that meet the needs of human as well as those of the natural environment.  

If your current garden is not living up to your expectations, or you’re starting from scratch, there’s a whole world of possibility for creating a Regenerative Ecological Garden. With an eye for the finer things, Herbivore Regenerative Landscapes has become a top choice for residents looking to create a garden that goes above and beyond. We select plants of various size, harvest times, textures, flavours, colours, functions and lifespan. We build multi-layered, forest soil building, high yielding systems integrated with hardscapes and water features with abundance of native and other flowering species to maintain the ecological balance of your property. We assist in creating an abundant continuous harvest from your garden from herbs, vegetables and fresh flowers. We create the perfect soil emulating the forest floor to ensure your plants will always be healthy. And all this starts from a Permaculture designed landscape plan.  

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home, or you’ve lived in your home for years, there’s no time like now to make changes that will positively impact the environment, your life and your properties value.

Herbivore Regenerative Landscapes inspiration of design all comes from Mother Nature.

Small Space? Small Budget? No Problem!

We occasionally have clients come to us with big ideas but only a small amount of space, wondering what they can do with small gardens. Our creative and driven Permaculture Designers are used to working with constraints of all kind, and can transform even the smallest patch of land into something beautiful. Don’t let the size of your property prevent you from having an outdoor space that you can feel proud of. Even an apartment balcony can be transformed into a thriving urban jungle.

With any project, it’s important to be realistic about your budget. If you’re looking to keep costs low, there is still a wealth of options out there for creative and interesting design.

Thanks to our experience working on projects with budgets of all sizes, Herbivore Regenerative Landscapes has become the go-to organization for people looking to boost the look of their yard. Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction has made us a leader in the Regenerative Landscape Design industry, so get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to speaking with you regarding your new project!


For Innovative Permaculture Landscape Design, Contact Herbivore Regenerative Landscapes today on 0759067628 or email grow@herbivore.co.ke !