If you have already had your landscaping done, and need Regenerative Garden Maintenance, contact us for keeping your garden looking neat, clean and lush while taking care of Mother Nature at the same time.

Our reliable and efficient services mean your garden will always be in tip top shape, no matter what the season. We’ll keep your grass green, your hedges pruned and all your plants healthy and happy. Our team is unique in our high degree of Horticultural and Permaculture training, and are able to identify plant species, assess the health of a landscape and provide suggestions that will increase soil health, encourage landscape biodiversity and conserve water.

A horticultural focused maintenance team can take care of all your landscape maintenance needs and improve the aesthetic value of the property.

Our team will provide the following services:

Regenerative Lawn Care Services

Plant health monitoring

Soil Health monitoring

Checking for early signs of diseases and infestation

Implementing integrated pest management systems

Organic fertiliser/compost/worm castings application as needed

Compost tea/Worm tea application for probiotic support of the plants and soil

Mulching, weeding, pruning and seasonal cutback.

Our maintenance team can supplement your exiting gardeners or take care of all your landscaping needs.

Thanks to our experience working on maintenance projects with budgets of all sizes, Herbivore Regenerative Landscapes has become the go-to organization for people looking to maintain the look of their garden. Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction has made us a leader in the Regenerative Landscape maintenance, so get in touch with us today to schedule a meeting. We look forward to speaking with you regarding your new project!


For Garden Regenerative Maintenance, Contact Herbivore Regenerative Landscapes today on 0759067628 or email grow@herbivore.co.ke !