Herbivore Regenerative Landscapes

Looking for a landscaper to design and build your dream garden or balcony?

Look no further, Herbivore Regenerative Landscapes is here.

The garden is an incredibly important area of any home. It sets the tone for your home environs- the ambience that you create for yourself during your time of leisure, for your own appreciation for the greener things in life and a space just to zen out. 

Each person has their own vision of what makes a great garden for them. SO, here’s the dirt on Herbivore Regenerative Landscaping! We dig in to make your ideal garden or balcony into a reality. You’re entering a creative space where your requirements come first. It is our job to implement gardens that suit the specifications, likes and lifestyle of our clients, simultaneously taking care of Mother Earth.


What is Regenerative Landscaping? 

Regenerative…. Simply beyond Sustainability. 

Regenerative Landscapes restore the environment and encourage long term sustainability, increase biodiversity and enhance resilience. A well designed Permaculture landscape can increase the value of your property, reduce your water usage and maintenance costs. An ecological garden is created once your garden is visually pleasing, while, harmonizing with surrounding natural open spaces.

  1. Effective erosion control
  2. Reduced water consumption (increased water recycling)
  3. Reduced Maintenance cost
  4. Elimination of chemical use
  5. Increase soil health and soil microbial activity leading to healthier plants.

The services we offer are:


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