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Onion Chives are a perennial herb which have hollow tubular leaves and grow in clumps. The flowers are a pale purple/pinkish. Onion Chives give an aesthetic appeal in the herb/salad garden as a border or grown in clumps throughout the cottage garden.

Onion Chives can be used to enhance the light oniony flavour of almost any meal without giving your taste buds a strong onion kick. Chives cannot withstand cooking and so is best added just before serving. The fine narrow leaves make an attractive edible garnish. The flowers can be sprinkled on salad or added to herb vinegars to give a delicate purple hue.

Onion Chives enjoy well drained soil, in a partial to full sunshine position. They do extremely well in pots/containers as well and due to their part time sun requirement, they make a fantastic kitchen windowsill planter or part of your balcony herb garden.