Comfrey is one of the greatest medicinal and beneficial herbs to grow in your garden. Its so useful to other plants when planted as a guild as it is a dynamic accumulator (which draws minerals from deep in the ground which is recycled when the leaves fall and decompose into the ground). Comfrey can also be used as living mulch by planting near a fruit tree as part of a guild and then cutting and dropping it as mulch.

Comfrey is also referred to as ‘Knitbone’ as it is the plant's high concentrations of Allantoin that helps reduce inflammation of sprains and broken bones. The plant's natural Allantoin levels also make it a great herb for after sun care. Sunburn and other skin issues can be solved by soaking the skin in comfrey tea (made by boiling a few leaves in water then letting it cool before soaking)
Though it makes a beautiful addition to the garden, it can sometimes be bothersome to get rid of, as new shoots grow easily from pieces of severed roots so take a lot of care and do do not disturb its roots when harvesting or even dig anywhere around the plant.

 As comfrey assists other plants, it should be planted in the ground, preferably as part of a guild around fruit trees and not in a container.

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