Curly Parsley has been used from The Ancient Greek times to make crowns for the Olympic winners. It’s also used in the Hebrew tradition to symbolize spring and re-birth. Today, parsley is famously used as garnishing’s, sauces, salads and can be used both fresh and dried.

Parsley if packed full of health benefits from having more vitamin C compared to an orange to bet-carotene, calcium, iron and Vitamin A.

Curly parsley is also used in cottage gardening due to its attractive shape and fluffy looking leaves makes really good edging along garden beds accompanied by some flowers, or even in a pot. Curly parsley is a bi-annual which will grow well in containers as well. In a small kitchen garden, parsley goes very well with other garnishes. Parsley is always a good choice as a potted herb - Plant it with Onion Chives, Coriander and Flat Leaf Parsley for a delicious Garnish Garden.

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