There is always room for plants in your house, even in places where you least expect it. Create a surprising effect with this amazing Elho hanging pot. Display your flowers and plants to the best advantage with this stylish hanging flowerpot featuring soft, round forms. It comes with a strong cord, so you can easily hang it at the right height from your ceiling or in front of the window. Choose your colour and combine several hanging planters at different heights to give your interior a contemporary/natural touch. This planter goes perfect with our indoor range of hanging plants from String of Hearts, String of Pearls, String of Bananas & String of Dolphins.
Created with nature in mind, made with own wind energy, 100% recyclable
Including a firm, adjustable nylon cord between 50 and 100cm long.
It's ideal that the flowerpot is made of plastic, so it can stand a good deal of wear and tear.
The flowerpot is made of plastic, which makes it watertight. Ideal!
Suitable for hanging plants.