French Lavender is a hardy perennial which just needs loamy soil with good drainage and lots of sunlight. It is an aromatic evergreen perennial which is a must for every herb garden. French Lavender grows perfectly in containers or in the ground. French Lavenders thrive in dry areas so please do not over water your French Lavender plant.

French Lavender plants are beautiful additions to any garden path, container, or border plant. It is a strong fragrant plant, and is long blooming with beautiful pale purplish flower buds (which can be harvested, dried and used for many craft and culinary purposes). French Lavender is commonly grown in France and cultivated for lavender oil and dried buds.

French lavender makes beautiful garden plants and are a wonderful attraction for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, as well as playing a deterrent to pests by confusing other insects which may feed on your crop as well. French Lavender has pale blue to purple blooms, growing to two foot with a 2 foot spread.

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