Herbivore Grade AA Compost

Ready to collect tomorrow from Gigiri or delivered directly to you in Nairobi or Thika every Tuesday or Friday.

Herbivore Grade AA Leaf Compost is made out of the decay of organic material in particular leaves, grass and soft waste.  Compost is a remarkable substance that provides a slow, steady supply of balanced nutrition to plants that can help plants grow.

Compost is not a fertiliser, it’s more an ecosystem that seeds the soil with billions of diverse life forms that work together as The Underground Economy to improve soil function, help plant roots absorb nutrients by converting nutrients into plant available form and improves the soil structure.

Compost is different than soil, top soil, or dirt, however, in that it is only organic matter. Soil is composed of broken rock (sand, clay, silt) and organic matter. Compost is not a substitute for fill dirt! Compost will continue to break down. Compost can be used to replace or enhance the organic component of soil.

Herbivore Grade AA Leaf Compost is packaged in reusable plastic buckets (which can be brought back for a refill of compost at a discounted rate) and is available in 5L & 15L buckets.

How can I use it?

Compost can be used like a dressing to the soil, so put it on top of your plants in the garden. Click here to read our article on How to create the perfect living soil for your garden using Herbivore Grade AA Compost.

Herbivore Grade AA Compost can also be used as a top dressing for your potted plants, including as part of the potting mix as well when you are re-potting your plants.

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