Herbivore Leafy Greens Seedlings


Herbivore Leafy Greens Seedlings package is an extension of the Herbivore Stay at home Herb and Vegetable Kit. It can be grown in a smaller size garden patch or on pots making it perfect for balcony gardening. The collection makes perfect for container planting giving you a lot of your daily greens straight from your garden.
Herbivore Leafy Greens Seedlings Package includes a pack of 15 leafy green seedlings and 5L Herbivore Grade AA Compost.

9 * Lettuce

3 * Sukuma

3 * Spinach

1 * 5L Herbivore Grade AA Compost

The full kit delivered to your door step is only KSH 1,700 in Nairobi every Tuesday or Friday.

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