Nhance Foliar – Organic Seaweed Extract (10 litres)



  • Certified for Organic Farming
    • Patented Seaweed Cell-Burst Process
    • Enhances Root Development
    • Easy To Apply
    • Increases Crop yields
    • For use on Vegetables, Flowers, Forestry & Gardens
    • Non-toxic, Environment Friendly & Ecologically Safe

Scientific research has shown that Nhance enhances root development with improved utilization of soil nutrients and fertilizers resulting in better top growth. Nhance not only greatly improves crop yields, but also strengthens overall plant growth producing healthier crops with less disease problems and higher resistance to stress.


Organic Seaweed Extract

Nhance is manufactured from freshly harvested seaweed using a unique process that does not involve the use of chemicals, freezing, heat or dehydration. This “cell burst” technique ensures that the delicate growth regulators are released in their natural active form. Nhance should be used in conjunction with your normal fertilizer programme.


Nhance should be applied during the initial growth stages of crops. Trials have shown that Nhance, when sprayed with herbicide, reduces plant setback/herbicide shock on cereals.

Use only as directed. Shake well before use. Nhance should not be applied in a spray solution with a pH above 7, never be more dilute than 1:500 and should not be applied more frequently than 14 days apart. Nhance is compatible with most standard herbicides, insecticides and liquid fertilizers.
When used through irrigation systems, Nhance should be introduced during the last 10 minutes of irrigation, preventing dilution beyond 200 ml/100 L water. For best results apply in conjunction with a wetter/sticker in the spray solution.

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