Nhance (100 ml) is an organic foliar feed made from seaweed.
Scientific research has shown that nhance promotes root development with improved utilization of soil nutrients and fertilizers resulting in better top growth.

Nhance not only greatly improves crop yields, but also strengthens overall plant growth producing healthier crops with fewer disease problems and higher resistance to stress.

Nhance is manufactured from freshly harvested seaweed through a unique process that does not involve the use of chemicals, freezing heat or dehydration.

This cell burst technique ensures that the delicate growth regulators are released in their natural active form.

Nhance shoud be applied during the initial growth stage of crops.
Key Features
  • Natural seaweed extract of ecklonia maxima (kelp)
  • Certified for organic farming
  • Enhances root development leading to better top growth
  • Reduces transplanting shock
  • Increases yields


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