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Sage is a beautiful ever greyish-green aromatic herb whose flavour is richly intense. It is one of the few herbs whose flavour (earthy and a slight bit bitter) intensifies as the leaves grow larger, even during flowering. Sage is used in many culinary dishes and sauces for its intensive distinct flavour (however we advise to use it sparingly, adding a bit at a time until you reach the perfect taste as adding too much Sage will overpower the other flavours).

Beyond its culinary use, Sage is highly regarded as a medicinal herb and has been used from ancient time to cure a long list of ailments from broken bones and wounds to stomach illnesses, aiding shortness of breath, memory loss and many more.
Flowering Sage plants are great to attract beneficial bees and butterflies to your garden that will also help in pollinating other plants.

Sage like Rosemary is a hardy plant, all it needs is good quality soil with drainage and lots of sunlight. Sage can do well in a pot as well as in the ground.

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