StayAtHome Herbivore Vegetables & Herbs Seedling Kit

KSh5,000 KSh6,000

Ready to be delivered to you in Nairobi tomorrow or collected from Herbivore Garden Centre in Gigiri. (apart from Sunday, Monday & Public Holidays) 

30 VEGETABLE & HERBS SEEDLINGS PLUS ORGANIC INPUTS & COMPOST. This is a great way to grow your own diverse range of edibles at home, enjoy gardening with the kids and spend some quality time in nature. This is a ready kit which includes Herbivore’s Grade AA Compost, Achook 100ml (Neem based organic pesticide/fungicide), nHance 100ml (Seaweed based foliar spray), Earthlee 200g (Humate powder) and Asilee 1KG (Concentrated compost made with natural goodness) and the following herb and vegetable seedlings:

2 * Tomato Seedlings

2 * Broccoli Seedlings

2 * Cabbage Seedlings

2 * Spinach Seedlings

3 * Kale Seedlings

3 * Lettuce Seedlings

2 * Cauliflower Seedlings

2 * Basil Seedlings

1 * Curly Parsley Seedling

1 * Flat Leaf Parsley Seedling

1 * Apple Mint Seedling

1 * Thyme Seedling

1 * Rosemary Seedling

1 * Lavender Seedling

1 * Lemon Grass Seedling

5 * Random Herbs  Seedlings

15L Herbivore Grade AA Compost 

The full kit delivered to your door step is only KSH 5,000 in Nairobi every Tuesday or Friday.