Love will definitely be blooming this charming, trailing semi-succulent vine which has small heart shaped leaves with a delightful green lace pattern that grow in opposite pairs along a trailing vine that can spread up to 4 meters in length and 10cm in height.  
Also known as Rosary Vine or Chain of Hearts, String of Hearts is not truly a succulent, but it does store water in its stems and plant care is very similar to that of a succulent. String of Hearts is extremely easy to look after and very tolerant of neglect thus making it a perfect plant for hanging baskets.

This String of Hearts comes in various ceramic pots which are beautiful and stylish creating a minimalist-style look for a beautiful table top display that brighten up your home, perfect for decorating a home office, kitchen, patio, or desk 

These various ceramic planters are Ideal for adding a dash of refreshingly modern design to your home. The planters are suitable for decorate garden desk, bookshelf, dinning table, or living room. String of Hearts are also good choice for office, restaurant, coffee bar and other business area decoration.

This potted plant is perfect gift for family and friends who love plants.

 Pot Height Approx. 5 inches.