Zaidi – plant growth promoter (100ml)


Zaidi is a new generation plant growth promoter for tea. Zaidi contains Brassinolides, which are natural substances with plant growth promoting activities. They trigger vital physiological processes in plants leading to enhanced growth, development and crop yield.

• Early ‘bud break’ in pruned bushes.
• Increased rate of photosynthesis and partitioning of assimilates.
• Increased leaf area and number of pluckable shoots per unit area.
• Reduction in ‘banjhi’ buds.
• Enhanced productivity without deterioration in quality.
• Imparts drought tolerance under moisture stress.


Zaidi is non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and ecologically safe.
Zaidi requires only three applications at monthly intervals commencing just before the dry spells or during periods of water stress at 100ml per hectare or 40ml per acre. Zaidi’s active ingredients are in readily absorb-able form making it effective as a foliar spray.


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