Tillandsia Bergeri is an air plant from Brazil. It grows natively in parts of Buenos Aires on the steep rocky cliffs. It is known as one of the fastest clumping species of air plants, and grows all-year round.

Tillandsia Bergeri is well adapted to the dry, sunny conditions of Brazil, and thus does particularly well in Kenya. The leaves are covered in trichomes which give it the gray color. This allows it to absorb nutrients from the air, whilst reflecting excess sunlight. After watering, you will see that the leaves are green. That is an indication that the air plant is doing well.

Tillandsia Bergeri is a great air plant and easy to care for. It does actually bloom, but prefers to focus on producing offsets. The flowers are a violet-blue.

 The Air Plant holder is for illustration only and is not included, and you are buying the air plant only.

Approx. size – 3 -5 inches



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