How about having everything organic?


🌱 No need to wait for months to grow the seeds

🌱 Avoid having chemically injected vegetables

🌱 Plant 4-6 week old vegetable seedlings plants

🌱 We use a mix of our own organic seed compost and worm cast compost to grow them

🌱 We have impressive root system and a strong and healthy baby vegetable or salad plant

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Drink tea that is healthy for you

Tea Herbs

🍵 Herbal teas  are made from dried fruits, flowers, spices or herbs.

🍵 It helps you to fights the Cold

🍵 It boosts your Immune System

🍵 It helps to reduce Stress and Anxiety

🍵 It lowers blood pressure 

🍵 It is healthy for your skin and has anti aging properties

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Bring nature close to you

Pots & Planters

🌿 Discover the best pots and planters for your Container Gardening adventure.

🌿 You can grow your favorite herbs, salads and vegetables anywhere

🌿 All the pots are of high quality and last longer 

🌿 All our products are eco friendly. 

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Looking for the unique product?


StayAtHome Herbivore Vegetables & Herbs Seedling Kit

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