Oncidium is an incredibly large and diverse genus of about 300 orchids species distributed throughout tropical and subtropical America. These orchids have been nicknamed the Dancing Lady Orchids because their flowers resemble a small dancer with a colorful skirt

Oncidium Twinkle 'Red Fantasy' is one of the most popular colors for Twinkle, with a sweet vanilla-like fragrance and abundant flowers!

Twinkle is one of the best miniature Oncidiums around, since they bloom twice a year

Oncidiums are epiphytic orchids (growing on trees), forming clumps of ovoid to conical pseudobulbs, each with 1-3 mid-green, leathery leaves arising from the tips

These ravishing orchids usually produce huge sprays of flowers often laden with dozens of individual  blooms.

Relatively trouble free, these orchids are attractive plants for the home or garden, and enjoy morning sun and filtered afternoon sun.

Please note that you are buying a Non Flowering Plant, which will usually flower from October onwards. The photo of the flower is for illustration only, and you will receive your plant in a nursery pot.

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